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Health & Safety first. All of our teams and fleet strictly obey our Health & Safety requirements. Necessary periodical controls at each station are made by Operation controllers to keep our standards and quality levels.

The infrastructure we have at Airport basis are ; Arrival Welcome Desks, Supervisor on duty 7/24.

Our vehicle fleet is equipped with tracking system and controlled and runned by our team 7/24, WIFI internet (free) access during the guests' transportation till their resort hotels or on excursions. 


Imperial Services is a brand created to provide all the exclusive and selected services that upmarket and VIP guests need, under the proven service quality and guarantee of KASHARI TOURS Services.

Through Imperial Service, speical guests can receive a wide range of luxury services; Such as selected restaurant bookings and privileged night club reservations for special occasions, exclusive transfer and transportations with private driver or a tailor made event organization.



REPRESENTATIVES - Being a handling agent many times requires local representatives, who are the face of your/our company’s to clients.

One of the main difference of our business comparing to global onliners fabricated system is our personal approach to clients, On arrival, at hotels, on excursions, whenever they need till to see them off




Our DMC has a wide selection of hotels at each resort we operate. Every selected hotel has been choosen and offered to our partners where we’ve had the experiences based on our the guests’ satisfaction throughout the long years. Our partners’ common buying power enables us to make intensive contracts on allotment or commitment basis and those portfolio of hotels can make your Company a competetive one.

We pay a great attention to tourism technology and invest for future, our B2B ONLINE booking engine or XML entegrations is another big plus why we are preferred.


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